About us

What is it about a more holistic lifestyle that seems to appeal to everybody? In the past few years, all kinds of people have been jumping on board the new-age train from professionals to average joes. That’s part of what makes this field so exciting. It’s for everybody and anybody.

Who is behind The Holistic Movement center ? Danny and Kendra.

We’re two close friends who bonded over an obsession with yoga and a love of sharing it. Soon, our mutual passions evolved into a drive to share what we know and can teach with as many people as possible.

That’s where this site was born. Here, you’ll find all sorts of things that relate back to a holistic way of life. We will have online yoga classes, workshops, yoga teacher training, educational series, group meditation sessions, therapies, energy healing, and so much more. But the real cherry on top of the Holistic Movement Center is our wonderful community. We thrive on sharing, supporting, having fun, and spreading positivity!

Besides our amazing community, what really sets us apart from other similar sites and companies is our priorities. Yes, we need to make money to feed ourselves and put a roof over our head as well, but our first priority is not and never was about profit. Our first priority is about opening this world up to all those that seek it out. If you find value in what we do and have some to give, we welcome it with open arms. But that is never our goal.

We truly believe in the power of yoga, meditation, and other new-age holistic approaches to life and well-being, and we’re here to share that with you! Our community is all-inclusive, so anybody is welcome to become a part of our journey and share theirs with us as well. Join our community today!

Namaste 🙂