Holistic Movement Center-Yoga & Wellness SPA
845 Napa Ave #A, Morro Bay, CA  93442.  Ph: (707)266-8945  

The Center of the local yoga community since 2002
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We are now 9th Limb Yoga! Click here to find our new web-page and schedule!

Creating Community

 "You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." -Jane Goodall

Summer Solstice Celebration

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Welcome to HMC...
Yoga classes, meditation, yoga teacher training in Morro Bay, CA
We are committed to stretching your limits, aim to exceed your expectations, help you reach your goals and manifest your full potential. We have been building community and transforming lives one breath at the time since 2002. 

Join our community and change your life. HMC prides itself for being a boutique yoga studio, offering a large and beautiful space, small to medium size classes, exceptional quality instruction, friendly atmosphere, abundance of opportunities, and comfort amenities. Here you will find the best yoga and massage therapy Morro Bay can offer with some of the most experienced teachers and practitioners in the county.

Join us today!!!

  • 30 days for $30 Unlimited Yoga -  New Students. Introductory Rate.  
  • $10 drop insAny yoga class. Anyone.
  • $69 per month - Unlimited Monthly Memberships - July, Aug, Sept

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The special touches at HMC ~
Our teachers are unique and gifted, each offering something special. Essential oils, singing bowls, harmonium, readings, soothing music or silence, prayer, chanting, therapeutic touch...are some of the treats you will enjoy. 

For one-on-one, or semi-private classes please call for an appointment.
If this fails...get a massage! 

One of our excellent massage therapists will be happy to assist you.
To learn more about our massage therapy options, 
please go to our SPA page
How HMC came to be....

We are not just a yoga studio. 
We are your other home. 

In 2001 I was asked to teach by a few friends and a group of yoga students who had found themselves temporarily without a yoga teacher. From the moment I stepped on the yoga mat, I realized that yoga is my calling. This was hard to reconcile with my otherwise elaborate plans and big dreams of working in the financial industry. To make the long story short - I obeyed the calling and started teaching. My classes quickly grew.....At the time, our area had no yoga studio and there were only a handful of yoga teachers. I rented a place on a month-to-month basis and attempted to organize a few yoga teachers into a "center." Thus, the Holistic Movement Center was born in 2002! 

We underwent several renovation phases but most recently in 2011 we added the SPA which gave us the opportunity to add massage therapy to our services... and that is how we became the....

Holistic Movement Center Yoga & Wellness SPA. 

We now offer yoga classes and workshops, yoga teacher training, series on meditation and personal development, weekly meditation sessions by donation, mind-body workshops with various practitioners, light & sound therapy, Reiki and energy healing and of course, wonderful massage therapy and healing body work! 

There are really only a couple of reasons for our success:

1) We are indeed an amazing place with an incredibly healing vibe and an atmosphere of support and FUN! 
2) We are indeed an amazing community of people who come together and truly care for yoga, meditation and personal growth, and truly care for each other. Many of our members have been with us since the very beginning. Usually, once people join our yoga family they never want to leave, and unless they have to move out of town, they usually do not leave. Everyone knows everyone else and we continue to grow with the enthusiasm of our patrons giving us the energy to do so. 

As much as we love yoga and meditation, we know we live in this United States of America and we don't pretend to be from India. In our yoga studio you will feel comfortable whoever you are. Most of our community members are professionals, hard working folks from various walks of life. We also have artists and poets and a few amazing cooks. We have students in school and students of life. We have retired adventurers who are busier now, than they were when they were younger. We have many inspiring  yoga stories, life stories, personal transformation stories. 

With us you will be with your kind. You will be taken care of and you will be inspired. 

Everyone is welcome.