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The Center of the local yoga community since 2002
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Private lessons by Appointment. Call the studio (707) 266-8945

Class Descriptions


Everyone: No experience necessary. Generally, the nature of the class is such as anyone can do it and benefit from it, regardless of how new or experienced of a practitioner he/she is.

(G) Gentle: No previous experience is necessary.

This class is open to people who are into taking it easy. Seniors are welcome. Everyone else is too, but remember, this is a really simple class with lots of good movement to help your with your range of motion, strength and balance. Very calming and relaxing. Good place to pick up some basics. Great place to be if you are nursing an injury of some sort, or recovering from one.


(G/B) Foundations of Yoga: No previous experience is necessary.
Awesome place for seniors. Great for beginners who are looking for good foundation for their practice. Very detailed. 


(B) Beginner: Recommended Intro To Yoga or a few classes here and there.

This class focuses on basics. Perfect for beginner and folks who don't want to work too hard.


(SB) Strong Beginner: Recommended Intro To Yoga or 1 month experience

This class builds upon the Beginner Level. Expect sun salutations, more standing postures and some inversions. We still work on some basics but play a little more.

(I) Intermediate: Recommended Intro To Yoga and/or 6 months of experience

This type of class frequently features sun salutations and is more physically demanding than the SB classes. You can get a work out but the rules of paying attention to your body still apply. More variety of postures.


Mixed Levels: Recommended Intro To Yoga and/or 1 year of practice.

This class is not appropriate for real beginners. People are expected to know the basics here. Even greater variety of postures. Lots of options offered for folks at different levels, even the very experienced variety. You can work hard in this class. Make sure you mind your own bees wax and take your body only to the level of pose that fits you best, don't take more advanced options if you are not there yet, and take your breaks as you need them. It's a fun class.


Private Sessions: No experience is necessary.

This is a great way to get introduced to the practice of yoga. Best way to get some hands on from the teacher. Also awesome for rehabilitating injuries, getting your specific questions answered, refine your practice, and finally have a custom-made practice just for you and no one else in the room. Unless you want someone to join you. Max 3 people per private session. Must make an appointment. Call Silvia at (707) 266-8945.


The generic form of yoga, out of which most modern day practices arise.


Vinyasa Flow:

A form of Hatha that flows. In other words, postures are linked together into sequences, hopefully, with a logic behind it. Sometimes it can move fast. It depends on the skill of the teacher, their training and mood of the day...but that's true for all the other yoga styles and classes....A feature of this type of practice are the "vinyasas" which are little transition sequences that take you up and down and are designed to build a little heat and keep your body warm. You can skip those if you don't want to do them and just do the main postures.

Core & Pranayama:
This is a "floor" only class. We use various movements to work with the core, educating the muscles to grow strong but supple, to stabilize as well as to move the torso in all directions. Pranayama (breathing techniques) are practiced in every class in conjunction with the movements, or after the movements. This class is also very therapeutic for people with back issues. Any level of experience is OK for this class. Beginners to advanced students are welcome.
Yin Yoga:
This practice is very slow with long holds. No standing prostures. Some times props are used. It's a practice focused on directly influencing the connective tissue of the body to open up. It's calm, grounding and meditative.