Holistic Movement Center-Yoga & Wellness SPA
845 Napa Ave #A, Morro Bay, CA  93442.  Ph: (707)266-8945  

The Center of the local yoga community since 2002

Prices and Payment Options

New Student Special: 

  • 30 days for $30. New & Returning to HMC after 12+ months students. Unlimited yoga classes. LOCALS only!

  • Bring a friend, get a $5 gift certificate. Use it for yourself or gift it to your friend. Ask for it in class.

Single Class

$10 per class.


  • 5 classes  = $45   (12 months expiration)
  • 10 classes  = $85 (12 months expiration)
  • 20 classes = $160 (12 months expiration)

  • 5 classes = $35 (6 months) - YOUTH 25 or younger. 
  • 10 classes = $75 (6 months) - SENIORS 65 and over. We check ID.
To pay for your Packages, Memberships, New Student Special, and Gift Certificates, click on PayPal below.
Class Packages (Expirer in 1 year)
Discounted packages for YOUTH / SENIOR (Expirer 6 months)
Unlimited Yoga Memberships SPECIAL

$69 per month (AutoPay)

Unlimited classes on the regular schedule with AutoPay

AutoPay guarantees your rate will stay the same for as long as you don't cancel it. To cancel AutoPay, give us 15 days notice before your next withdrawal.
To set up AutoPay for $69/mo click on PayPal below.

Unlimited Yoga Memberships

$75 per month (No commitment)

*Prices subject to change without notice.

*All class packages - no make ups. No credit for unused classes. No extensions.