Holistic Movement Center-Yoga & Wellness SPA
845 Napa Ave #A, Morro Bay, CA  93442.  Ph: (707)266-8945  

The Center of the local yoga community since 2002

New Students

All new students are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes early to class so that your teacher will have the time to ask you a few standard questions prior to your first class.


Please no eating or drinking in the studio. Only water is allowed on the premises. We have bottled water for sale, and also a water dispenser, but feel free to bring your own. 


  • Turn off all cell phones,  pagers or PDA's and whatever noise makers you may have.

  • No Political discussions.

  • No venting your frustrations or topics of issue. Others may not want to hear it.

  • Please arrive clean and pleasant. No one appreciates dirty clothes and BO.

  • Please, do not walk on other people's mats.


Mats and props are available for use in the studio and are free. We request that if you are using our mats, please clean them after use. We request a .25 donation for the wet wipes we provide for the purpose.


There is also a small shop in the studio where you could purchase your own mat and props if you wish.


All yoga students: Preparation for Class.


  1. Refrain from eating at least 1 ½ hours before class.  Food takes about this long to pass to the lower intestines.  If you just had a meal before class, the food will be coming up and creating unpleasant and disturbing sensations.  You will also feel heavy and often unable to do the twists and the bends.
  1. Wear comfortable clothes.  However sweats are not a good choice, as the teacher will need to see your alignment.  Also during yoga the body builds a lot of heat, so you may find yourself very hot in sweats.  Best are shorts and footless tights.
  1. Arrive on time.  It is best to arrive 5 min. early as this will give you an opportunity to get situated without disturbing the rest of the students.
  1. Refrain from looking at what other students are doing in the class. Remember we are all very different and our bodies have different abilities.  Simply observe your own practice and be understanding of your limitations. Yoga is a process not a destination.
  1. If you want, bring a small blanket for the relaxation portion of the class.  During relaxation the body temperature drops and you may feel a little cool.
  1. Maintain a positive frame of mind. 
New Students Only.
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