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Maureen O'Connor

Maureen O’Connor, CMT has practiced and taught the healing arts of Hatha Yoga, T’ai Ji, Qigong, and meditation for more than 30 years and in 2005 received her certification in massage at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. Maureen’s work focuses on the healing aspects of these disciplines, along with the experience of moving from Center, increased energy, health, strength, and sensitivity.  Her training includes instruction in movement, meditation, visualization, and energy balancing using the meridian system of Chinese healing.   Her basic philosophy can be summed up in one word: “YES!” and it is within that framework where her teaching of the joy of life, health, happiness, and love is expressed.  


In 1987 she was encouraged to begin teaching Hatha Yoga by her Yoga Master, Helen Munger and began volunteering in the public schools teaching “movement” classes since the term “yoga” was not yet “mainstream” enough.   At the same time, she was invited by T’ai Ji Master John Hury to assist in teaching his beginner’s class immediately following certification in the Wu Style, first level, going on to master the second and third levels while acting as his assistant.


In 1989 she met Grand Master SiTu, Jie of the Shao-Lin Wei Tuo School of Qigong in Shanghai, China, who confirmed upon her certification in his first and second levels and immediately invited her to begin teaching for him.  This was followed by a request to re-write all his training materials for students. Over the next 3 years she was invited to attend high level Qigong training in energy healing work, additional Qigong forms, and Chinese healing massage (Tui Na) by Grand Master SiTu.  Her T’ai Ji and Qigong training continued through various and intensive courses with Aikido Master Tom Crum of Aspen, Colorado; Qigong & T’ai Ji Master Hong, Liu of Shanghai, China, and Pasadena, California; Qigong & T’ai Ji Master Chungliang Al Huang of Shanghai, China and Gold Beach, Oregon; and the late Qigong & T’ai Ji Master Marshall Ho, formerly of Riverside, California.  After moving to Boulder, Colorado, Maureen received additional certification in Hatha Yoga at the Shambhava School of Yoga and upon Certification was invited to teach weekly Hatha Yoga classes in their center in Eldorado Canyon.


Because of her belief in the importance of healing work Maureen volunteers each summer at the Shadowcliff HIV Retreat in Grand Lake, Colorado where she practices massage and teaches T’ai Ji and Qigong to participants.  In addition, while living in Boulderr, Maureen was regularly invited to be a guest speaker in healing and process-oriented courses at Naropa University as well as being invited to teach Qigong as part of a health-awareness benefit to faculty, staff, and students.